Meet Our Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist

Kyle Clemens Bio Photo

  • B.S., Kinesiology – Athletic Training Program 1998
  • MA 00015312 – Licensed Massage Therapist since 2001
  • Certified in Kinesio Taping Method

Kyle Clemens is a true product of the Pacific Northwest. Born and raised in Seattle and its surrounding areas Kyle’s journey into the Health & Wellness field began with his own activities and experiences. It was a high school Sports Medicine class that inspired the direction for college and ultimately led to a career in Kinesiology and Massage therapy. He earned a Kinesiology degree from Washington State University completing the Athletic Training Program. After College Kyle attended Bellevue Massage School and gained massage licensure in 2001. Since then Kyle has combined his knowledge of Kinesiology and his skills in massage and athletic training in a variety of settings like fitness centers, chiropractic, massage, physical therapy clinics and schools. In 2004 Kyle began working with a local community college providing sports therapies with all athletic teams. Kyle also designed the curriculum for and taught Injury Care & Prevention when the college began a Personal Fitness Trainer Program. Teaching was a natural transition for Kyle beginning with supervising Student Clinic at a massage school then moving into teaching Kinesiology and it continued to grow from there. Kyle’s teaching focus is now on Continuing Education for Massage Therapists